The Women's Corner
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Today’s information, entertainment and advice come to us from a vast array of media, many of
them electronic: film, television, video, and computer. Newspapers and magazines continue to
play a role in influencing love, relationships, how we dress, conduct ourselves, cook, raise
children, purchase products, spend our time and plan for the future. But they must compete for
our attention with bolder, faster images and messages that arise in our homes and workplace.
Thus, the women of Virtue And Praise Ministries, Inc. would like extend a very warm and
heartfelt welcome to The Women’s Corner Magazine and Saturday morning brunches!

When Pastor Audrey Berden, Founder and Overseer, established the ministry in Indianapolis, IN
in the year 2000, she opened the doors of her own home, hosting “group therapy” sessions (so
to speak) for bruised, battered, and emotionally disabled women, young and old alike, who all
desperately needed a place of refuge. Pastor Berden did so not only because she could
sympathize; but, moreover, out of empathetic feeling seeing the suffrage of an abusive marriage
and the loss of both parents in the same year. Irregardless, she selflessly implemented those
Saturday night meetings as a place where women could empower other women to certain levels
of greatness: by sharing and crying, laughing together, breaking bread and just assuring one
another that they were not alone. Each of us cried many tears of our own as well as in
compassionate feeling towards others who were breaking free from abusive relationships and
fighting with illnesses, amongst experiencing various other torments. The excellent thing about
those group meetings is that they were healing moments that brought about restoration and

Thus, we are here today, coming back home again! Only this time, we are desirous to share
these times of refreshing with you…the everyday woman. We’ve heard your voices crying out
for something fresh and something from a Christian perspective to speak to your heart in a
unique fashion. Therefore, although The Women’s Corner is a sub-ministry of our church, we
have wholeheartedly endeavored to address the issues facing the everyday woman in a realistic
and down-to-earth manner. While you joyfully thumb through each page of the publication or
engage in one of our encouraging brunches, you will receive avid and candid information
regarding the real truth about relationships. Our publication will have its’ hands on the pulse of
revolutionary fashion offerings, confront the health concerns most women are too fearful to
unveil, and of course provide insight into the state of our educational, political and community
happenings. We promise to provide you with honest, informative and up to date conversation
that will cause you to be transformed entirely into the woman who God has always intended for
you to be….the beautiful, wonderful, surviving, thriving you! Go ahead! Open the pages of The
Women’s Corner Magazine and register to attend one of our forthcoming Saturday morning “for
ladies only” brunches. Expect God to meet you there in an unprecedented manner!