Carlene M. Ng-Gomez is the Minister of Hispanic Outreach. Sister Gomez has been a joyous member of
Virtue And Praise Ministries since 2006. Holding a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Indiana University, and
having formerly operated as a community liaison for the Mexican Consulate, she is well able to evangelize and
provide resources for persons of Hispanic descent, helping them to become functional US citizens. In addition
to being the current director of Hispanic outreach, Sister Young has an excellent business aptitude and assists
Prophetess Berden in administration and much successful fundraising efforts.
Tiara Berden is not only the secretary of Virtue And Praise Ministries, but is also the eldest daughter of
Prophetess Audrey Berden, yet she has a unique anointing all her own. An up and coming voice in this great
generation of those that are seeking the Lord, Tiara is a j
unior in college. Her passion is to become a doctor and
employ this gift to serve her fellowman, merging medicine with ministry. Tiara has also mentored youth and
young adults via the Building A Better You Ministry and BOOMTOWN, and travels with Prophetess Berden
coordinating the business of the ministry. She also works alongside her younger siblings Malachi, Charity, and
Noah, as they jointly direct the church’s youth outreach efforts.
Malachi Berden is the eldest son of Prophetess Audrey Berden, and is doing an excellent work alongside his
siblings as one of the  joint Youth Ministry Directors for Virtue And Praise Ministries.  Malachi is a
in college, and an active community
volunteer, aiding humanity through various service efforts. A scholar in
his own right, Malachi
is pursuing a degree in software development.
Charity Berden a high school senior and a life-time honor roll student who aspires to touch the hearts of
children by becoming a teacher. Furthermore, she has a passion for animal life preservation for which she is a
animal shelter volunteer, and one day desires to own a farm. Also, the younger daughter of Pastor
Audrey Berden, she has put into practice the desire of her heart by aiding in the oversight of Virtue And
Praise Ministries youth outreach programming, including the Building A Better You Ministry.
Noah Berden, the youngest of Pastor Audrey Berden's four precocious children, is a freshmen in high school.
Yet, he already has aspirations to become a pediatrician. Also a life-time honor
roll  student, Noah enjoys
serving the church and his community in his own way, as he works passionately to touch the hearts of other
children as one of the church's Youth Ministry Directors.