The History of Virtue And Praise Ministries, Inc.
Virtue And Praise Ministries, Inc. was founded on September 29, 2000 in Indianapolis, IN, by Pastor/Prophetess Audrey H. Berden, when the Lord
expressly led her to convene prayer and Bible meetings for battered and abused women within the four walls of her own illustrious home. From that
time forward, Virtue And Praise has been a sustainer of life, providing intervention efforts for at-risk youth, educational reform, career enhancement,
and women’s empowerment efforts.

Beginning in 2003, Pastor Audrey Berden, and the ministers of Virtue And Praise Ministries sent their voices out into the atmosphere via radio,
providing charismatic exhortation on WTLC-AM, Radio One in Indianapolis, IN. Such great appreciation was shown for the prophetic inspiration
touching the hearts of souls of men that the programming expanded to television in 2006. “A Word in Due Season” first aired on WHMB-TV, the
LeSEA Broadcasting Network’s Central Indiana affiliate. Thereafter, these exhortative airings went forth on World Harvest Radio in parts of Africa,
Asia, Europe and Israel – as well as in the States in Atlanta, GA on WAEC-AM, in Chicago, IL via WYCA-FM, in Dallas, TX on KGGR-AM & FM, and in
Little Rock, AR via KMTL-AM.

Furthermore, Virtue And Praise Ministries has historically worked arduously in the trenches to empower the lives of the brokenhearted and
downtrodden. Those efforts began to birth out various impactful programs, commencing with the Building A Better You Ministry (BABYM), a free
mentoring and tutoring implemented in the spring of 2009, aimed at “helping good kids to become great leaders.” The BABYM Program has since
provided academic enrichment to many underserved, undereducated, minority and other at-risk youths through partnerships with the Indianapolis
Public Schools system, and the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center.

Further providing a voice for youth and young adults, the Keepin’ It Real Ministry was developed in February of 2010, availing an open forum to
discuss topics that are typically considered faux pas in the church realm (i.e. sex and drugs). Moreover, in June of 2011, Virtue And Praise Ministries
opened the doors of BOOMTOWN, a faith-based, positive, recreational outlet for youth under the age of 21, recognized as “A Gathering Place
Empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

In endearing remembrance of to the initial purpose of the ministry’s establishment, in December of 2011 Virtue And Praise Ministries began
producing the Women’s Corner, a refreshing, cutting edge magazine, coupled with women’s empowerment brunches.

Through each of these vehicles, Virtue And Praise Ministries has historically performed our God-given mandate to demonstrate the love of God,
using words only when necessary. Thus, Virtue And Praise remains an innovative church on the move that is passionate about infusing men, women,
and the children of “Generation Next” with the confidence and abilities to become viable members of our communities.

Today, Virtue And Praise Ministries, which originally took the city of Indianapolis by force, has initiated the replanting of the ministry in Dallas, TX,
and the church awaits the next move of God with great expectation!