Youth Mentoring and Tutoring: Academic enhancement activities include homework assistance, rigorous English/Language Arts and Literacy and
Mathematics tutoring, media based learning, and project and tactile learning opportunities, each of which encourage a shared responsibility for
learning amongst students, mentors, parents and educators.

Adult Education and Career Enhancement: While Virtue And Praise Ministries’ outreach mechanisms, inclusive of the BABYM Program, tend to “give
a nod” to “Generation Next,” we understand that it is imperative to address the entire household. Thus, we avail the Adult Education and Career
Enhancement arm of the program which provides parent-student engagement and instruction, remedial education, and basic business workshops.
Such an investment is made in the adult learner in an effort to build them up that they may become more viable members of society and thus greater
role models to their children.

Computer Literacy: The Computer Literacy component focuses on enhancing literacy through the use of technology, both in and out of the
classroom. The aim is to insure that both the youth and adult learner are fully capable of gathering and comprehending knowledge obtained
through the use of technology. We believe these skills are critically necessary to become college and career ready and to compete in an
international market.  

English as New Language Courses: English as a New Language is afforded to adult and child learners who have a desire to flourish within the United
States by functioning as well rounded citizens. Workshops insure that students are effectively enabled to read, write and speak with English
Language. In addition to learning to communicate in a new primary language, both children and parents are introduced to the vastness of the
culture provided within the United States of America.

Service Learning/Volunteer Opportunities: The Building A Better You Ministry provides vibrant opportunities for meaningful out-of-classroom
experiences for high school and college scholars, as well as concerned adult community members, seeking to make a difference in their
community. These hands-on interactions with underserved, at-risk, impressionable youths afford a heartfelt experience that yields a dynamic
reward to both the mentor and the child being engaged.

Our Accomplishments: The Building A Better You Ministry enhanced the math and reading skills for a host of students within ten Indianapolis Public
Schools in our founding city of Indianapolis, IN. In addition, the program was held within the walls of the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center,
adding to reduce recidivism. Furthermore, the BABYM program garnered the full support of Dr. Eugene White – former Superintendent of
Indianapolis Public Schools, and incumbent President of Martin University – who yielded full partnership. The BABYM youth enrichment program
has received the 2012 Village Builder Award from the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center in Indianapolis; and, the Office of Indianapolis
Mayor Gregory A. Ballard graciously awarded Founding Pastor, Ms. Audrey H. Berden, with the 2012 Mayor’s Community Service Award because
of this particular program. With the re-establishment of Virtue And Praise Ministries in the DFW Area, the Building A Better You Ministry will
certainly serve our communities youth, and their families, in an even greater capacity.

Enroll Today! Let the BABYM Program enhance the skills necessary for you and your family to have a brighter tomorrow. For Enrollment and/or for
Service Learning Opportunities Please Contact Us at (972) 765-3091or
Virtue And Praise Ministries, Inc. would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to serve our community’s
youths by providing mentoring and tutoring through the Building A Better You Ministry (BABYM). This program
was birthed out of one loving mother’s desperate and determined fight to secure a firm education for two of her four
precocious children who had been mishandled and mislabeled by a certain public school system. When her son Malachi
was 18 months old, Pastor Audrey Berden, the Founder of Virtue And Praise Ministries, had been made aware by the
family’s pediatrician that he would be a “delayed” learner. Due to the fact that he was born prematurely his brain had
not fully developed. However, his pediatrician could also foresee that he would still be gifted and talented as long as his
mother was the “wind behind his back.” So when a certain school system decided upon labeling Malachi as being
autistic, and refused to provide support of his tactile learning style, Ms. Berden went to bat for him, as well as his
younger sister Charity, whose classroom environment was also found to be abrasive and contrary to her learning. It
was a knock-down-drag-out fight which would defy the protocols of the school system and even those of the
Department of Education – and although Ms. Berden would shed many tears in this elongated and laborious warfare,
her fight would yield a great reward. Today, Malachi and his sister Charity are consistent honor roll students, earning
high scores in all courses including Physics. He is a senior in a Dallas, TX high school and will be attending college in
2015 on scholarship in pursuit of a degree in Engineering. Charity is a sophomore who has aspirations for veterinary
medicine. Malachi and Charity, along with their siblings Tiara, and Noah, are now also the joint directors of the
Building A Better You Ministry and each of Virtue And Praise Ministries’ various other youth outreach programs. To
God be the glory!

The true life stories of Malachi and Charity Berden, and Pastor Berden’s fight for their fair education, are therefore the
foundation of the Building A Better You Ministry, whose purpose is to “help good kids become great leaders.”
Through an equal partnership with parents, students, educators and community stakeholders, we now serve a host of
children who can identify with the struggles and triumphs of both Malachi and Charity. Our holistic, wrap-around
family educational services now include: