Prophetess Audrey H. Berden
A Woman On Fire For the Lord
When Prophetess Audrey Berden
ministers to a congregation they
witness a spectacular and dynamic
outpouring of the Holy Spirit through
her delivery. Prophetess Audrey
Berden’s energetic labor of the Gospel
expels love, joy, fervor, excitement
and radiance, which is highlighted
with splashes of spontaneous and
delightful humor. Prophetess Berden
has pioneered spiritual charisma in
several traditional churches because
she dared to stand firm on her
convictions and allow the Holy Spirit
to have full workmanship in her
Prophetess Audrey H. Berden’s voice echoes the power of God. She preaches the Word of God
faithfully without derivation, in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. Signs and wonders follow
when she prophesies to the nations. NOW, her hour has come! Just who is this up and coming voice for
God? And where is she leading Virtue And Praise Ministries?

Born on April 26, 1963 in Indianapolis, IN to Reverend S. John Hawkins and Evangelist Yvonne C.
Hawkins, Prophetess Berden’s decision to live for Christ was at the tender age of 12. “From that time to
the present I have certainly endeavored to be faithful and obedient to the Holy vision and the call by
fire of the Holy Spirit,” she says. By the year 2000, that “fire” inside Prophetess Berden was burning
intensively, through which she heard the Holy Spirit commanding her to start a prayer and Bible
meeting specifically for women in her home. Obedient to the voice, Prophetess Berden did so
immediately although intuitively knowing that the anointing that God had entrusted her with would
come at a great price.

In that same year her mentor and mother went home to be in God’s presence for eternity and five
months after her passing, her beloved father sailed that same ship of Zion. Shaken and broken,
Prophetess Berden remained faithful to God’s word and recalled an adage that “God often uses such
inflictions as fertile opportunities to heal, renew and raise up.” That adage would ring true throughout
her ministry. On October 10, 2006 while preparing to teach a ministerial class, Prophetess Berden’s
oldest brother Samuel Hawkins committed suicide. Being steadfast and unmovable, she taught the
ministers the Word of God with the same great love and fiery passion as before. Through the power of
the Holy Spirit, she defeated and bankrupted the enterprises of the enemy, knowing that God gives
beauty for ashes.

It was not only persevering through the deaths of close loved ones, however, that would prove the
anointing on Prophetess Berden’s life was unshakable and ever increasing. Beyond those pangs,
Prophetess not only survived a torrid marriage which was mentally, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually abusive, but also did not waiver in her workmanship, utilizing her trials as platforms to
become a rebuilder of women and even men. She yet maintained her character of pure holiness and
rewardingly, as with the Prophet Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement, God has endowed Prophetess
Berden with the same gift as His own Daughter of Encouragement (Acts 4:36 AMP).

Resultantly, the women’s group meetings that were originally held in Prophetess Berden’s home led to
the commencement of a fiery and radical ministry for Christ known as Virtue And Praise Ministries
where Prophetess Berden now serves as the Founder and Overseer. Since that time, Prophetess
Berden’s ministry has succored many souls and the healing power of God that flows through her vessel
of clay has also restored those who were physically, mentally, and spiritually broken. While ministering
at a revival in June of 2004, Prophetess Berden laid hands on Charity Lewis, breaking the spirit of lupus
off of her life. Likewise, In January of 2007, twenty-four year old Clarissa Martin’s car went head on into a
tree in Largo, MD. She fell into a coma and lost all motor skills. She received an anointed prayer cloth
from Prophetess Berden in October of 2007, and although the doctors had no expectation of her
recovery, Sister Martin miraculously awakened. Pastor Berden’s anointing is effectual, as she has been
an instrument of healing for many others including those afflicted with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and
sickle cell trait.  

Beyond working miracles, signs, and wonders, the Lord has given Prophetess Berden keen insight
concerning matters of national security, natural disasters, and shifts within the political arena. In the year
2000, Prophetess Berden shared with witnesses a vision of planes flying into towering buildings. Little
did she know God was showing her the 9/11 Attacks. When the Beltway Sniper began his assaults on
Virginia and Maryland in October of 2002, God showed Prophetess whom the assailant was and
unveiled his plot step by step. In 2004 the Lord showed her yet another national concern as she
envisioned massive waves overtaking Florida condominiums. It was August 23, 2005 when Hurricane
Katrina crossed southern Florida and moved forward to massively assault much of Louisiana as a
Category I Hurricane. A skillful watchman, Prophetess began to intercede for the nation prior to and
during each onslaught from the enemy.

Prophetess Berden’s faithfulness to the Lord in secret yielded an open reward in 2003 when she
received a letter from former U.S. President George W. Bush in praise of her prophetic words
concerning his reelection. Thereafter, God further spoke to her concerning the political direction of the
United States in November 2005, when He shared with her one of His deepest purposes and secrets
declaring that His chosen candidate for the 2008 United States presidential election would be President
Barack Obama, then a Senator in Illinois. The Lord also revealed on December 7th of 2008 that President
Obama would serve two terms in office.

God has also spoken through Prophetess Berden concerning the turning of events within the body of
Christ. On May 21, 2006 it was made known that two of God’s generals, Rex Humbard and Oral
Roberts, would be transitioning from this life to the next. This prophecy began to be fulfilled when Rex
Humbard passed on September 22, 2007. Stalwart and Father of Gospel, Oral Roberts also went home
to be with the Lord on December 15, 2009. The Lord also spoke to Pastor Berden concerning their
successors, Pastors John Hagee and Benny Hinn, who have been promoted as the Lord's next Generals.
Obviously, she is a voice echoing God, speaking the truth, preparing this generation for things to

God has also opened doors for Prophetess Berden to speak prophetically through various affiliations,
which have included board membership for Miracle Faith Word Center, overseen by her late aunt, Dr.
Hortense Trotter, a distinguished and formidable preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore,
Prophetess has been in fellowship with renowned ministers to include the late Bishop John H. Boyd,
overseer of New Greater Bethel Ministries out of Jamaica, NY; and, internationally with Bishop John
Anthony Francis, founder of Ruach Ministries in London, UK, who welcomed her with open arms.

Prophetess Berden has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs including “Religion
in the News,” on WISH-TV, Indianapolis’ CBS Affiliate. She also hosted a radio program under the
ministry’s name on WTLC-AM, Radio One – Indianapolis in 2003 & 2004. That airing would evolve into “A
Word In Due Season,” a prophetic television program that began broadcasting weekly in 2006 on the
LeSEA Broadcasting Network’s central Indiana affiliate, and would be heard over the airwaves across the
U.S. as well as parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. Radio airings of “A Word In Due Season” also reached
the lost and encouraged the saints in Atlanta, GA on WAEC-AM, in Chicago, IL via WYCA-FM, in Dallas,
TX on KGGR-AM & FM, and in Little Rock, AR via KMTL-AM. Through these vehicles Prophetess Berden
and Virtue And Praise Ministries have broken out of the four walls and through the glass ceiling,
astonishingly turning the world upside down one soul at a time.

Thus it is evident that Pastor Berden’s works are having a viable impact on earth just as they are in
heaven. For which, Mayor Gregory A. Ballard (Indianapolis, IN) recognized Pastor Berden for the
ingenuity of her outreach efforts with the presentation of the 2012 Mayor’s Community Service Award
on September 18th, 2012. A memorial brick was therefore laid at the city’s historical canal. As well,
Senator Richard Lugar forwarded official recognition for her works from his desk to Pastor Berden
during her Twelfth Annual Founder’s Anniversary. Moreover, Pastor Berden has also received
commendations from the desks of President Barack Obama and Senators Dan Coats.

However, Pastor Berden does not concern herself with the accolades of man – but rather her reward is
to bear witness to the positive transformations that take place in the lives of the brokenhearted and
downtrodden that she succors through Virtue And Praise Ministries. Most importantly, Pastor Berden is
the loving mother of four precocious children: Tiara, Malachi, Charity, and Noah. Each is a scholar,
thriving in their education, and engaged in the ministry as the directors of the youth outreach
programming. Pastor Berden and the children reside in Grand Prairie, TX, and are exuberant about
experiencing the next move of God.