Welcome to Virtue And Praise Ministries web site. We are extremely grateful that you took
the time out to visit us. It is our earnest and sincere prayer as you experience this site that
your whole man: spirit, soul and body, would be fully impacted and infused with the power
of God's love and unmerited favor through His Son Jesus Christ. That through His Divine
Holy Spirit you, your family and friends would come to know and embrace His eternal plan
of Salvation and live an empowered and refreshed life through His Holy Word. Virtue And
Praise Ministries is a new voice who God has raised up and commissioned to preach and
teach the good news of Jesus Christ to our cities, states, and nations with signs and wonders
following, making students of the Gospel. We are changing the lives of many, one person at
a time, and making the eternal difference in our world. In a time when the world is in such
turmoil and people are looking for answers, the body of Christ remains steadfast and as the
sons of Issachar, we are able to discern the times and not be moved by present events. The
children of God know that this is the greatest hour the church and the world will ever
experience in the history of man. These are the times of refreshing and what a privilege to
be called for such a time as this!

Yours Truly,

Prophetess Audrey H. Berden
Founder And Overseer
Virtue And Praise Ministries would like to cordially invite you to attend our 15th Annual
Founder's Anniversary
, honoring the unparalleled ministry of our visionary Founder and
Overseer, Pastor/Prophetess Audrey Berden
. Services will be held on Sunday, September

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